Miss Ripley (2011)

Based loosely on the story of a discredited Dongguk University professor who falsified her educational background, Miss Ripley is the story of orphan Jang Mi Ri who, like the Talented Mr. Ripley, lives her life from one lie to the next. At a job interview, she starts down her dark path in earnest, when she tells a simple lie about her education. From there, the tale of Miss Ripley weaves into the lives of two very important rivals: Jang Myung Hoon and Yutaka, both of whom are in the hotel industry and fall in love with the deceitful protagonist. To complicate things, Mi Ri's childhood acquaintance, Hee Joo, can see through all the lies.

لینک های دانلود برای فصل : 1
themoviedb icon 7.5/10
  • تاریخ انتشار : 2011-05-30
  • تعداد بازدید: 425
  • کشور سازنده : KR
  • زبان: 한국어/조선말
  • مدت زمان هر قسمت به دقیقه : 65

Park Yoo-chun

Yutaka / Song Yoo-hyun

Lee Da-hae

Jang Mi-ri

Kim Seung-woo

Jang Myung-hoon

Kang Hye-jung

Moon Hee-joo

Lee Sang-yeob

Ha Chul-jin

Song Jae-ho

President Lee

Kim Jung-tae


Kim Chang-wan

Director Choi

Jang Yong

Song In-soo

Jung Da-bin

Jang Mi-ri (young)
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