Pinocchio (2014)

Amidst a sea of young news reporters competing for the next scoop, Choi In Ha finds herself in a tricky position, as she cannot tell a lie without a dead giveaway: breaking into a violent hiccup. Meanwhile, first-year reporter Choi Dal Po proves his remarkable memory and communication skills by downplaying his good looks with a dumpy veneer of bad hair and clothing. But in a world where hard facts rule, how far can you get by lying?

نویسنده :
  • Park Hye-ryun
لینک های دانلود برای فصل : 1
themoviedb icon 8.4/10
  • تاریخ انتشار : 2014-11-12
  • تعداد بازدید: 492
  • کشور سازنده : KR
  • زبان: 한국어/조선말
  • مدت زمان هر قسمت به دقیقه : 65

Min Sung-wook

Jang Hyun-kyu

Jung In-gi

Ki Ho-sang

Shin Jung-geun

Choi Dal-pyung

Park Shin-hye

Choi In-ha

Lee Jong-suk

Choi Dal-po / Ki Ha-myung

Kim Young-kwang

Seo Bum-jo

Lee Yu-bi

Yoon Yoo-rae

Yoon Kyun-sang

Ki Jae-myung

Choo Soo-hyun

Im Jae-hwan

Jin Kyung

Song Cha-ok

Lee Ju-seung

Ahn Chan-soo

Nam Da-reum

Ki Ha-myung (young)

Byun Hee-bong

Choi Gong-pil

Shin Jae-Ha

Ki Jae-myung (young)

Kim Yeong-Hoon

Lee Il-joo
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